Digital solutions

E-mail solution for škoda auto

ŠKODA responsive eMail templates were designed to provide the optimal eMail communication solution. Providing valuable information in a form that will be attractive, engaging and functional. Designed for optimal display in various devices (desktop, tablet mobile) and its orientations (vertical, landscape). Aligned with resposive e-mail standarts regarding content, scale, ergonomics, data size, mobile awarenes, image blocking etc.

manuals for škoda auto

ŠKODA responsive eMail templates were intergarated in ŠKODA basic communication manual and ŠKODA digital cookbook. Providing the visual such as technical and content norms and standarts for ŠKODA digital e-mail marketing and communication.
ŠKODA basic manual summs up the main CI/CD standarts for ŠKODA Basic communication - where the chapter about e-mails summs up norms for marketing usage of e-mail templates.
ŠKODA digital cookbok focuses on more general technical and functional backround of e-mail templates usage.

škoda e-mail video and animated templates

Came from a need to enhance e-mails and bring promotion to another level. Providing endless possibilities to uniquely impress, combining text and shape animation with motion pictures.

Animation and video implementation techniques:

  • Video on the background (HTML5)
  • Animation (CSS3)
  • Video + animation (HTML5+CSS3)

CRM online toolbox - B2B application

Design of CRM Online Toolbox, which is an application providing a solution for a complete support of ŠKODA CRM strategies and activities available on ŠKODA B2B portal. Using intuitive navigation system, gamification and content management strategy helps to keep users quickly orientated, motivated and engaged.

CCRM e-mail templates

CCRM (Compact Customer Relationship Management) is a complex system providing CRM activities support.
CCRM responsive eMail templates were designed to provide the optimal eMail communication solution for this platform.

CCRM microsite

CRM microsite provides all desired info about CCRM system, templates to download and CRM events update and registratition.